What Is Design/Build

What Is The Design/Build Approach and How Does It Work?

Imagine knowing the true cost of your home renovation or remodeling project before you begin.  With our proven process, award-winning Glaze Design/Build guarantees you successful results.

As the area’s premier Residential Design/Build Contractor, we offer a different way of approaching your project. Called the Design/Build process, it gives you one single person who is responsible for the entire project. This collaboration with us and the designer or architect saves time and effort and enables us to complete the project that meets your budget at a fixed price cost. No nightmare projects, no blown budgets, just impeccable quality at a fixed cost.

Our skills and depth of knowledge also provides you a resource in creating a space that reflects your personality and lifestyle. Whether you want to enlarge your home, redesign an existing space or build a custom home, you can depend on us for innovative solutions and guidance through the process.

Conventional construction requires homeowners to work with unrelated professionals for the design, costing and construction phases of their project. Due to the disjointed nature of this type of process, home owners often experience missed communications, cost overruns, budget overages and a lot of frustration.

Glaze Design/Build is proud to specialize in Design/Build construction which allows us to create the home remodeling or renovation project you dream of, while providing you with a positive experience.This alternative combines the design and construction processes into one complete approach. And because we handle both, you will experience a seamless service level from design through construction and warranty. This level of collaboration saves you time and money by providing you with a fixed price cost for your project. So not only do you become an empowered partner in your project, you also know the true cost before you begin.

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